You are currently viewing Breaking News: World Bank Terminates N27b NEWMAP Project in Abia State.

Breaking News: World Bank Terminates N27b NEWMAP Project in Abia State.

At the inception of the Okezie IKpeazu administration in 2015.

The then administration set out to confront some of the major infrastructural challenges of the Aba township.

Abia was a pariah state as most donor agencies had canceled or withdrawn their support to Abia because of many reasons which may not be necessary now.

Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu with the then economic team headed by Obinna Oriaku went straight to the world bank country office in Abuja for a presentation on the state of poor infrastructure in Aba and Abia state in general.

The world bank decides to support the State by including Abia State in many of their developmental projects which NEWMAP is one of them.

After a lot of presentations and engagements world bank through the federal Ministry of finance awarded the job for $56m (Fifty-six million dollars) N27b at then exchange rate to today N34b to Heatland Nigeria Ltd for the erosion and floodwater management of Ph road/ Urratta and Ngwa road project.

This job entails underground tunneling of floodwater from Uratta crisscrossing Obohia / Ngwa road to the Ogbo hill river.

The technical aspect of the job which is the underground tunneling was abandoned and the designs of this all-important project were altered by the contractor and the State government officials.

The word bank and Ministry of finance rose from their meeting last week with a decision to terminate this job that would have solved the perennial flooding problem of Aba because of fraud and incompetence of the state government.

The implication is that since last month as witnessed by residents of Ngwa road no job has been going on at the site, as the world bank stopped the work and is currently auditing the project which will determine their next line of action.

This is another lost opportunity by Abia state to greed and incompetence from the same government that has been trumpeting sincerity of purpose in their dealings.

We call on the world bank to kindly re-award this job to a more competent company and for EFCC to immediately commence investigations on how the funds were misappropriated.

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