Umeh Kalu to Chinedum Orji (Ikuku): You are a mistake and an inglorious bastard

For a boy who struggled to graduate from Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO), I find it very difficult to join issues with you. My major challenge while I served in your “father’s”(?) Cabinet was your mindless meddlesomeness. It was even more appalling, when I imagined that you have neither experience nor reason to dabble into government affairs.


Anybody who takes time to read your reply would agree with me that providence thrust power on a functional illiterate and a huge mistake. It is obvious now that with characters like you, Abia will remain eternally stagnated, underdeveloped, impoverished and retrogressive.

2. You talk about my wife, family, and private life and unfortunately about my health. For a boy who does cocaine and addicted to hard drugs, it is understandable when you talk with so much incohesion. I don’t know which health condition I would have that would be well more dangerous and life threatening than your nasal passage that has come under the surgeon’s knife several times owing to your uncontrollable penchant for sniffing hard drugs. At least, I do not have any terminal disease

3. Note that, I have not lied about my age or such other sacred information. Your father celebrated 70 while Onyema Ugochukwu who had admitted in 2013 that Ochendo is older than him, celebrated 76 recently. If Ikoro Ohuhu is 76, you know you were perpetuating lies when you paid newspapers few months ago to celebrate your father (?) at 70. I hope you know why the “father” carries question mark? Check when they sad you were born, recall when you “parents” got married, then subtract them from your father’s (?) age. You will further understand why I put the question mark.

4. On contract: I challenge you to publish records of my involvement in any form of contract. You were the bidder, purchaser and negotiator. You never had a single business but directed all government affairs. Which Commissioner would have been so powerful to do a contract when the almighty Ikuku, engrossed in primitive accumulation of wealth was everywhere?

5. The only reason you term me “aggrieved” is because I refused to pander to your whims and caprices or be the devil’s Advocate. You killed your Personal Assistant and wanted your father’s Attorney General to enter a Nolle to discontinue the trial of the policeman you ordered to kill your PA. Where is the policeman that killed John Ndubuka? Who released him?

5. Making me Deputy Governor: I do not know what you mean by I am angry because you did not agree to make me Deputy Governor. So, you agree that you “make” people Governors and Deputy Governors? While it is within my right to seek such elective office, woe betide me that I will ever seek such favour through you. We have seen the condition of the man who you ever made Governor. We have seen the devastating effect of your stranglehold on the State. We have seen how your “making” translated to dilapidated roads, unpaid salaries and pensions and entrenchment of falsehood.

7. Your records at Abia House of Assembly: Yes, your records are in the public domain. We know that you run an Assembly of destitute lawmakers who on paper earn the highest in the South East but have no idea they do. We have seen how you charged government N33m for a Toyota Hilux with a competitive N18m as asking price. We have seen how you used nearly N2b to “refurbish” an Assembly complex which new one would not have been more than N500m. Yes, your waste and regime of dishonesty are in the public domain. You revel so much in lies.

8. On coming to equity: I agree that he who comes to equity comes with clean hands. May be you have not heard that equity does not help the indolent. Is there anything I said in that letter I would not have told you even as Commissioner? Is it lighter than what I told you before the Executive session of the house when you had invited me to “mess me up” (like you told some of your colleagues). I hope you remember who finally messed the other up. You know in and out of government that I can never stop telling the truth. The only difference now is that I will do so in public awe and no longer through memos which as the De facto Governor you intercepted and meddled with.

I advise you to allow Ikpeazu to deliver on his mandate. You are obstructing the course of development in Abia. You are a huge mistake and anybody keeping you must accept the dire consequences of relating with a drug addict, devilish and wicked soul.

Tochukwu Ejituru

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